SEO for Electrical Contractors

Website content for electrical contractors written by an electrician…

As an electrical contractor you know you need content for your website but your priority is running and growing your business. Your days are full with work demands; estimating, purchasing, managing your crew, inspections, job meetings, working on different jobs, solving problems, ensuring job materials and tools are on the right job site at the right time, walking job sites, following up on quotes and more. Then you need to add time for family and friends, personal care and relaxation. All these things don’t leave much time to keep your website content fresh and up to date.

My name is Dan Beresford and I am your Electrical SEO specialist.

What do I know about the electrical trade?

I started in the electrical trade when I was 17. I had to leave the trade thirteen years later due to a low back injury. However I have found ways to work within the trade and to keep my knowledge up to date.

I have done planned maintenance, installed receptacles and light switches, repaired motors and controllers, replaced bearings, worked in the lighting and solar industries in sales.

I’ve written general content for other websites, had articles published in Electrical Business Magazine, and write the Suderman Estimating Systems blog as well as keep it optimized for the different search engines out there. I’ve studied SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in different writing courses I’ve taken.

As well as writing for search engine optimization I teach electrical estimating.