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I like poetry. I like reading it, writing it and thinking about it. I have written and published a book of poetry. I titled it Friday Musings. You can find my book on Amazon. Click here.

The image on this page is one of my notebooks and shows what it looks like when I write a poem (I used it when I wrote “Crafting a Poem). I usually start with a pen or pencil and paper but the ideas may start on the note app on my phone or from a small notebook I carry with me.

The simplicity and depth of a poem telling a story appeals to me.

I love being able to touch emotions and express thoughts in a few words.

I enjoy the rhythm and flow of a poem.

If you like poems check back here once in a while. You may see a new poem or a poem I wrote years ago.


Silence Misting

The sacred sounds of silence
Drifting through my mind
Misting through my soul
Softly touching me
Tentacles of healing
Drawing out my restlessness
Easing my soul
Like a fog bound sunrise over water
Grey and colour filled
Easing into life
I am calmed
I am blessed

Naked Ears

A picture trees in the fall
Been walking with naked ears  
Been walking that way for years 
Love having open hearing 
Birds chirping Bugs zinging 
Wind in the trees 
The sounds of nature 
Not so sure 
Why people find headsets 
So endearing 
Love my naked hearing

Observations in Nature

A picture of a pond with a plastic bag floating in it.

Muskrat and beer cans
Pop cans and turtles
Coffee cups and frogs
Cellophane wrappers and herons
Balloons and ducks
Plastic bags
Sharing the pond
All shining in the sun
Ain’t nature divine?

Raccoon and cigarette butt carcasses
Along side the road
Opossums no longer scampering
Rotting in the sun
Birds wings fluttered by passing cars
Unmoving bodies flying no more
Plastic bags fluttering in the trees
All shining in the sun
Ain’t nature beautiful?

Ain’t nature beautiful?
Ain’t nature grand?
Oh People!
What are we doing to our land?

Crafting a poem
Crafting a Poem
Snippets of verse
tangled words
broken pauses
flitting ideas
fractured cadence
Sifting through
the kaleidoscope
of images, feelings, half-finished thoughts
interrupted flow
struggling to write
Stuttering bursts
of words appearing
on paper
re-arranging, striking out
editing, shaping, rephrasing
at last is is done
A poem has been crafted
​to share and enjoy

leaves as scattered thoughts
Wind blown thoughts
Wind Blown Thoughts

Thoughts scattering in every direction
like leaves on a windy day
never resting in one place for too long
sometimes running in long streams
sometimes jumping and whirling in miniature tornadoes
suddenly stopping and resting
Then a gust of need to, want to, have to blows
going other directions
thoughts scurry, tumble and glide over new paths
not resting or sitting anywhere for long
until suddenly stopped
fluttering thoughts come to rest
like leaves dropping to the ground
A long blustery day comes to an end
the wind drops at sunset
thoughts slow and stabilize
multitasking done
later as sleep drifts in on a gentle breeze
thoughts rest at peace
For now

Social Media

1,313 friends and followers
Well connected
And yet…
I feel so alone
So disconnected
Trying to remember
When was the last time
I had a real conversation
Words and pictures
Going out
Disparate conversations
What are you saying?
Can you hear me?
Are we communicating?
Are we real?
Friday Musings by Dan Beresford
Friday Musings by Dan Beresford