A Rainy Drainy Halloween

It had been raining since around dark. As the evening went on it rained steadier and harder. I had been sitting out since about 5:30. There hadn’t been many trick or treaters around. I still had a bucket full of chocolate bars. I was doubling up on them when I handed them out to get rid of them (and I had a snack or more as well).

Most of the tricker treaters were polite. Most of them were small. Some were teenagers. The big ones were in a hurray. The little ones were fun. The big ones had no adults with them. The little ones did. Sometimes one adult, sometimes two.

It was still early but the number of tricker treaters had dropped off dramatically. I had been sitting and waiting for about twenty minutes and no-one had trick or treated our house. I was picking up my cushion, turning off my lights when I heard this little lispy voice say “Twick or tweat” I turned around and there was a tiny blonde haired blue eyed little angel standing there. She was soaking wet. She held up her little bag and I turned to reach for some chocolate bars.

As I bent over I was hit from behind hard enough to knock me to the ground. I was stunned from hitting my head. Groggily I rolled over. Two sharp points dug into my neck piercing deeply. As I was losing conciousness I felt like I was being drained. I passed out.

When my eyes next opened I was drained and hungry. The little angel was sitting on chair staring at me. She whispered “Happy Halloween”. I stared at her. She said “Are you hungry?” I could barely nod my head yes. She said “Let’s go trick or treating. Halloween can be draining for some. You had a rainy drainy Halloween. Now you need a treat.”

We go trick and treating together now. Our little family is growing

October 31st, 2022. Sitting on my porch on a rainy Halloween, feeding a few vampires, goblins, ghouls and super heroes.

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