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To have some fun
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I like word games, brain teasers, riddles etc. They make me think and let me have fun at the same time. When you add the fact that I like reading and writing you will understand why I have added this to my website. I get to write people who want to hear from me. I get to share something I like. I get the pleasure of searching for new brain teasers all the time. I get to be creative. I get to imagine the pleasure of someone receiving a real card in the mail.

If this is not for you no problem.

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Something to think about is who do you know who would like to receive a card in the mail.

Here’s and example: My mom is in a senior’s home. She doesn’t go on the internet any more. She enjoys getting the cards I send. She shares them with other people in the home. When I call her she tells me how much fun she has receiving them and how she looks forward to the next one.

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Here are some brainteasers I sent to a bloke who is in the hospital in Australia.

Interesting story about him.

His name is Fred Pointer. He’s 78 years old.

Fred Pointer is an Australian Paralympic athlete and wheelchair basketball player. At the 1980 Arnhem Games, he competed in four athletics events and won two bronze medals in the Men’s 400 m 3 and Men’s Slalom 3 events.[1] He was also part of the Australia men’s national wheelchair basketball team at the 1980 games.[2] To raise money to get to the Arnhem Games he travelled from Melbourne(MCG) to Sydney(SCG) in a wheelchair he designed himself. (credit wikipedia)

When I sent the card to Fred I scrambled the letters in the answers on the back of the cards.

What is greater than God,
more evil than the devil,
the poor have it,
the rich need it,
and if you eat it, you’ll die?

What has a bottom at the top?

During which month do people sleep the least?

Paul’s height is six feet, he’s an assistant at a butcher’s shop, and wears size 9 shoes. What does he weigh?

Forward I am heavy, but backward I am not. What am I?

Answers — ginnhot, gels, yearfurb, mate, not,

Here are the solutions to the brain teasers sent in December.

I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind. What am I?      An Echo.

You measure my life in hours and I serve you by expiring. I’m quick when I’m thin and slow when I’m fat. The wind is my enemy. What am I?     A candle

I belong in the month of December, but not in any other month. I am not a holiday. What am I?      A “D”

What are the duodecimal enumeration of the passage of the yuletide season?   The 12 days of Christmas

What 2 things are wanted in December?      My two front teeth 

What is the end of Christmas?     The letter “S”

word search answers

Here are the answers to the brain-teasers I sent on November 25th, 2021. I had fun finding them and sending them. Get in on the fun and ask to be added to Brain-Teasers.

A poultry-geist.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

The woman was a photographer. She shot a picture of her husband, developed it, and hung it up to dry.

They are pronounced differently when the first letter is capitalized.

Here are the answers to the brain teasers mailed last week.
1) A lion who hasn’t eaten in three years is probably dead.
2) Glass

A reverse brain teaser idea… what were these brain teasers about?

I hope you have fun.


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