Observations in Nature

I wrote this poem after watching a muskrat swim by with a tender shoot of bulrush in it’s mouth. The muskrat had to dodge around a beer can to get to it’s burrow under this tree.

Muskrat and beer cans
Pop cans and turtles
Coffee cups and frogs
Cellophane wrappers and herons
Balloons and ducks
Plastic bags
Sharing the pond
All shining in the sun
Ain’t nature divine?

Raccoon and cigarette butt carcasses
Along side the road
Opossums no longer scampering
Rotting in the sun
Birds wings fluttered by passing cars
Unmoving bodies flying no more
Plastic bags fluttering in the trees
All shining in the sun
Ain’t nature beautiful?

Ain’t nature beautiful?
Ain’t nature grand?
Oh People!
What are we doing to our land?

Dan Beresford, June 18th, 2021

This poem will be added to the book I am writing… “100 Terrible Short Stories and Poems”

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