Our 50th Anniversary Celebration of Earth Day!

Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Our Earth has undergone an incredible transformation because of the world wide COVID – 19 lock down. Our Earth is healing because we are not abusing it or using it like we have in the past. Human beings can still help…we can pick up after ourselves

Skies are clearer. Air pollution is dropping faster than scientists ever thought it would. Rivers, streams, canals and other waterways are cleaner.

In the Geocaching world today was to be a world wide CITO. Cache In Trash Out. As a Geocacher I have been amazed at the places I have found garbage and deeply saddened by it. (You can learn more about Geocaching here. www.geocaching.com)

This morning my wonderful wife, my dog (Princess Sophie Mophie Defender of the Universe from Squirrels, Rabbits and Other Small Furry Creatures) and I went for a short walk. We took some plastic bags with us.

Walking the 500m from our home on Bayside Gate to Gordon Street we filled to the breaking point two grocery bags.

Dan and Princess Sophie Mophie Defender of the Universe showing litter picked up in 500m in Whitby Shores, Ontario.
50th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration

A few years ago before I updated my website I blogged about the litter and garbage I picked up in Lynde Shores. Over 22 pounds and I hadn’t even walked the full trail.

Earlier this month I read an article posted by CBC about a man in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia who while under quarantine and laid off from work started picking up garbage during his walks every day. dartmouth-man-new-hobbies-covid-19-laid-off-worker

All it takes is a few minutes out of your day but it makes a huge impact on our environment. I believe that if we can spread the word more by our actions than by our complaints.

Will you step up or just read this and think what a crackpot?

Will you take a few minutes out of your life to help clean up our Earth?

Litter kills. Birds have choked on balloons. Numerous mammals have been cut, poisoned, and trapped by litter and garbage. Fish have been poisoned and their waterways choked off by plastic.

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