Rebuilding my site and…my business


Rebuilding my website

I thought it was time to rebuild my website. I have built a number of sites for different businesses over the years and have let my site drift in limbo.

I have shifted from Weebly to WordPress. I like the fact that WordPress is easier to blog from when operating on a mobile device.


Rebuilding my business

I have taken some time to evaluate what I want to do for a living and to earn an income.  I was shocked when I realized that as much as I love writing I do very little of it in my income stream. I have decided to rebuild my business.

When I was done sorting through the things I’ve done to earn a living I learned that while I am competent at many things there are two areas where I get the most satisfaction.

The first is writing.

Writing is a pretty broad term so I had to work my way through the type of writing I enjoy the most that would generate income. It boiled down to blogging. I enjoy doing the research on different topics and different industries and then writing. I enjoy writing articles that educate and entertain. I enjoy helping businesses build relationships through their websites.

The second thing I do that gives me satisfaction is my greeting card business. I enjoy sending greeting cards and teaching people how they can use greeting cards to generate business by building relationships by showing that they care. One of the aspects of my greeting card business that I like is that some of my customers ask me to help them with their writing. The second part I like is that I earn money by teaching people how to teach other people how to use the system. Yes, I am talking about SendOutCards. You can check it out clicking this link

I look forward to hearing from you. I have already picked out my next few blog topics and am working to get myself back on track and to blogging regularly. I’ve been teaching the need for regular blogging for years and sadly let my blog slip into the realm of non-existence.


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